Timelords have a serious problem – Hell Bent Review

Hell Bent was Jenna Coleman’s last regular appearance in Doctor Who as we saw a very controversial exit.

Continuing after the Doctor escaping the Confession Dial (See my Heaven Sent Review in the links below). The Doctor saves Clara just before the Raven kills her and it ends up causing problem which the Doctor to lose his memory to save Clara. Clara later travels in the TARDIS they stole from Gallifrey with Ashildir who is immortal after the incident in the Girl Who Died and the Doctor gets his TARDIS and Red Velvet Jacket back and receives a new sonic screwdriver and also heads off.

Clara begin brought back has been a divide issue in the fandom and people just kind of hate her for it which I think is a bit harsh. I am mixed on the subject as it worked and it has a emotional impact but it just kind of ruins the impact from Face The Raven and allows them to return for no reason in the future which can be a issue. But I do think the Doctor being memory wipe was a good choice as he didn’t spend the next episodes being down and rejected by it, the only occasion was in The Pilot where he attempts to wipe Bill’s memory but Bill manages to persuade him to stop and angrily shouts her to leave and says it the pictures of River and Susan he won’t put her in danger and in the end, the TARDIS is able to persuade him and unfortunately that ends in disaster as well which as you know I always seem to rant about. The Doctor finally remembers her via a glass avatar impersonating dead people before he regenerates but I would have loved it to been the real one going back to face her death by her own choice, not forced by the Time Lords which I am about to get to right now.

I was annoyed by the Time Lords this time as they were very persistent in following the Doctor and Clara and their characters were just off putting and the fact they forced one of their own kind into a trap was just too far but they definitely did their job for the series.

Peter Capaldi definitely put himself in a clean sweep of success for this 3 parter as he never put a foot wrong. It may not have been successful as Heaven Sent for me but he definitely put on a show and a emotive performance. Well done Peter!

Jenna left on a high even though I prefer what happened in Face The Raven but she Peter were amazing and am grateful she stayed on for a second series with him as they were so good in S8, it would be a mistake not to.

The guest stars didn’t impress me but finally Ashildir was a better person. I hope adventuring with Clara changes her. It’s just a great scene and Clara and Ashildir should have a spin off. Great job, Maisie Williams.

Not the greatest ending but it’s a near perfect one!

Score: 9/10

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