New Earth Guide

New Earth is a Planet in the MB7 galaxy which apparently is only 50 000 light years away from the original Earth before it was destroyed by an expanding Sun. The planet is now colonised by humans from the New Earth Empire.


Before the Earth’s destruction in 5,000,000,000 the human race mated to evacuate the planet and move on in tHe universe to expand the empire. After a few colonisations,. They mange to choose New Earth as it had the same orbit, atmosphere, size and terrain as Earth.


New Earth did had have a fee difference to the original Earth,

– 2moons

– Applegrass

– Renaming original Earth cities and seas like New New York, New New Jersey and New Atlantic.

Kown Cities.

There is only one known city, New New York

Here is what is there

– A hospital run by cats

– Senate were laws were made

– The Undercity was were the lower class lived and also had the motorway with a fast lane for 3 passengers and above but had a terrible secret.


4, 999, 999, 750 – Humans begin to fid planets to colonise

5 000 000 – Earth is destroyed by the expanding sun but the humans move out before it.

5, 000, 000, 012 – The Testimony Foundation was founded to save people from death. They were also used to help someone struggling with death as we saw with the Twelfth Doctor after the Cybermen incident on the Mondasian Colony Ship

5, 000, 000, 023 – Sisters of Plentitude illegally experiment on clones, the Doctor as Cassandra (In the body of Rose Tyler)  find out and Cassandra let’s thm out, leading to invading of ill zombie roaming the hospital. A cure is made to cure the new Human and the Sisters are arrested for the illegal experiments.

5, 000, 000, 029 – Bliss, a drug, creates a airborne virus kills the majority of New Earth. Face Of Boe, protects Novice Hame form the virus by showing her in his smoke and citizens in the Undercity were sealed in to save them form suffering the same fate

5, 000, 000, 053 – Macra were terrorising and devouring  any Motorist who entered the fast lane (3 or more passengers were allowed). The Doctor with help from Novice Hame and the Face Of Boe who gives his last breath to re open the roof of the undercity. that leads to New Earth allowing New Earth to be populated Again and saving Martha Jones, Milo and Chen from the Macra.