Frog Time – It Takes You Away Review

It Takes You Away is the penultimate S11 episode and the team help a young Norwegian called Hanne who has a disability find her dad and they end up in a mirror universe where they find Hanne’s dad Erik alive and his deceased wife Trine and Graham’s wife Grace who was killed after defeating the Gathering Coil. Trine and Grace attempt to entice their husbands to say but the Doctor and Yaz are able to work out that they are lured to stay with them and are trapped. After Yaz is work out a solution which impresses the Doctor who is able to try and reopen the gateway to the Antizone which Hanne is able to enter and angrily confronts her dead mom but it the gateway reverts to a normal mirror which leaves  Ryan in the other side, the Solitract begins to break away but Yaz  confronts Grace and Trine but is thrown back into the Antizone which creates a possible solution, Hanne works it out herself but the Doctor manages to convince Erik and Graham to not believe them and be sent back whilst the Doctor encounter the Solitract which is a Frog that talks in agrace’s voice and she is able to convince the Solitract to let her go bald to the real world and ice everyone is safe, the Doctor destroys the mirror to stop anyone entering the Antizone. At the end , Erik decides to go Anka to Oslo with Hanne whilst Ryan reveals to Graham that Yaz has told him what happened and gives him reassurance and calls him Grandad and the team leaves the TARDIS.

Ellie Wallwork is the first ever blind actor to be on Doctor Who and she was a star. Ellie’s accent as Hanne was convincing and she performs it so well and she should be proud of this. Ellie’s interview in the morning of broadcast was inspiring and makes me realise that even if your have something different, The will always be people guide you there and that is what makes this episode special. Well done Ellie!

Jodie Whittaker and Bradley Walsh continue to shine and have had a faultless fun of episode. Jodie had several great lines near the end of the episode and it worked well for her and the scene with the fire, she spoke with passion. Bradley’s strength in the show is emotional scenes and this time, he made Graham’s struggle about Grace very effective and performed well. Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole also made great contributions to the episode.

The whole fuss about the fire is just a little bit crazy. I loved it, a funny but emotional scene as it’s a frog but it made a statement about the Doctor’s decision as it attempted to make her stay.

Great episode, definitely something to be proud of!

Score: 10/10