Tennant, Tate & Co Return – 60th Blog 1 (POTENTIAL FILMING SPOILERS)

They were rumoured to return because of a leak & months later, David Tennant and Catherine Tate are returning to Doctor Who

David and Catherine are a very popular duo and it’s good that they have left the Rose Tyler route because I feel she has been overused in a way that has hurt her character in a way.

ICYMI End Of Time, Donna has lost her memories of travelling with tthe Doctor after touching the Doctor’s spare hand caused her to become the Doctor Donna. If she remembers him, her mind will burn. She nearly suffered this fate after the Master’s shenanigans but the Doctor had put a back up in there to save her. Later on, she finally had a happy ending and married Shaun Temple and the Doctor gave her a parting gift of a Lottery ticket which she received from Sylvia and Wilf who were given it in to avoid a complication.

Who else is back …

Bernard Cribbins as Wilfred Mott

Jacqueline King as Sylvia Noble

Karl Collins as Shaun Temple

Plus introducing Yasmin Finney as Rose

Yasmin is the second trans actor to be in Doctor Who after Bethany Black in 2015 and it’s a big thing for diversity which I have been hoping for more of.

Only 3 cast members have been confirmed so is it all part fo a plan to get fans excited? It’s seems to be working!

Filming has began but I will not talk about it because there have been a few leaks emerging from REDDIT since the start of the year alongside LOTSD & the Centenary so it’s best to be warned!

Plus, Rachel Talalay is back. Rachel directed all of Peter Capaldi’s finales & Twice Upon A Time.

Here are some thoughts!

There is a concern about it being overhyped or misreading the fans from what I have seen. My biggest concern and hopefully this is not the case is it’s just the RTD era and that could end up hindering their chances into Jodie Whittaker and Ncuti Gatwa’s favour which would put the 60th & David in a bad light. I do worry could end up struggling once again as I respect the popularity but I don’t want him struggling for a second time. Plus, I think another popular show which I am excited for with a popular pair leading the show might hurt the 60th as well because of the Din Djarin and Grogu hype train but then again, this could potentially help David in a way by setting the standard.

This is still early days and recently, things in the same situation have actually exceeded my expectations so fingers crossed.

I do feel Rose & Wilf will be quite safe in a big field but Sylvia is the one who I feel will comeback quite well. Plus, Shaun is underrated as I don’t really know him as much but I do feel he cares for Donna and Rose too from filming & I feel he might have a good role. Don’t let him be a background role.

I am excited for Yasmin Finney and Rachel Talalay as Yasmin looks to be a great addition and hopefully turns it around for trans representation on Doctor Who. Rachel has directed 7 episodes so I am glad she gets to direct another era and could potentially be crucial in helping turn things around.

I can see two scenarios where Donna can end up, leave her as he was when we last saw her or change things around. I am hoping they do something different as I do find the original exit divisive but I respect if they kept.

I will do another update later on in the year!