Leigh Talks: What Do I Think About Series 8

Series 8 kicked Twelfth Doctor era with controversy and people abandoning the show! “HOW DARE YOU?” This was due to the actor being older than the previous one and this Doctor being darker. I say differently and her is my opinion on S8.

I loved Peter Capaldi the Doctor but I think this series as whole is his best one but his personality is better in later series. I enjoyed the development of the Doctor in this series becomes a theme. through Peter’s era on the show. The darkness nearly get me off the show but I continued and Peter won me over as the darkness is a strength and tells a story within his adventures as he doesn’t know who he is and especially he is in his second regeneration cycle and at the end of the Series, he finds out he is not a good or a bad man. Peter impresses.

Jenna Coleman continues her era on a show. She is my favourite however I do have a issue with the character which is a problem with fans as well. The nuggets problem is what happens in Kill The Moon where she walks out on the Doctor. This probably the reason why fans dislike character and I just disappointed with what happens there and that’s a big issue. I also don’t like it when she slaps the Doctor in Into A Dalek, yeah he makes a mistake but I don’t understand but I can give her a bit of love for Dark Water as the Doctor tricks her after the loss of Danny Pink as Jenna does put on a performance and especially when 12 says, “You Let Me Down,” in a angrily way, in my opinion, it’s kind of reverse of Kill The Moon but Clara needs to realise her behaviour was unacceptable. I love her in Flatline as she redeems herself and is a good Doctor and her strategies work in her and new friends favour as they help save the Doctor from a shrinking TARDIS.

We meet Samuel Anderson as Danny Pink and Michelle Gomez as Missy. Danny is a character that should have had a different story because him a Clara’s boyfriends causes a lot of problems and gets involved at a difficult time but his army story works in his favour and he does have some good a Ice in Mummy it his best performance is definitely the finale. I feel sad that he is killed at the beginning but we see the character struggle with life after death and he sacrifices himself to save Clara and the Doctor and Earth from the Cyberman and I love the bit when he decides to let the little boy comes back to life instead of him as it shows that he does care and we got his sensible side at the end. Missy is a very interesting character and is later revealed to be the Doctor’s arch nemesis and she is definitely as bad as the others and that is a good sign that she is definitely the Master. She kills and is as mad as Antony Ainley and John Simm which works with Michelle and she has more to give in later series.

Series 8 had 7 amazing episodes and had the most amount of 10/10’s given by myself which shows that the episode definitely were great. My favourite episode is Mummy On The Orient Express as Peter definitely makes his mark. Only 4 eps I am quite harsh on but different tastes like Robots of Sherwood which I don’t find it funny. This series has 2 story arcs which are Missy and Am I Good Man and were both successful and definitely told a tale.

3 things I would change

Clara’s behaviour 

Danny’s relationship with Clara

Robots of Sherwood