Cybermen Guide by Leigh Craddock

Cybermen are metal creatures developed by a race known as the Mondasians when their planet Mondas was dying and their technology and their race travelled through the universe to develop their race and make new technological advances to convert humanoid life into becoming like them.

Origin Stories

Mondasian Cybermen 

The Cybermen are a race that evolved on the planet Monday which is Earth’s twin planet by the planet’s inhabitants, the Mondasians, who look like their Earth counterparts and was originally known as Marinus or Planet 14. Things were looking good for the Mondasian until Earth’s Moon was created which knocked out Mondas out of orbit. After realising they wouldn’t survive where they were, the Mondasians decided to evolve and turn themselves in to Cybernetic creatures and renamed themselves as Cybermen. After every Mondasian was converted, the Cybermen decide to convert Mondas into a spaceship to expand their race across space. They return to onvert humans into Cybermen and drain energy from Earth to rebuild their energy on Mondas but unfortunately it’s too much and Mondas along  with the Cybermen ends up being destroyed . But that is just the beginning as there are more Cybermen out there ready to evolve but not all Mondasian were converted into Cybermen as several moved to Mondasian colony ships to continue their lives.

Cybus Cybermen 

In the parallel universe, John Lumic, a scientist who dying creates the Cybermen to prolonge life. After killing a scientist and the President refuses to give him permission to do his experiment, he upgrades homeless people by removing  their brains and placing it in a  busy. One he has a army, he sends them to Pete Tyler’s manor to round of people to upgrade and kills the president and several other party guest and then activates the earplugs and sends everyone who wears them included  Jackie Tyler to the factory to be upgraded into Cybermen. John Lumic ends up being converted in the cyber controller after one of his friends attempt to kill him but ends of being killed himself. The London factory stops upgrading people when Mickey Smith and Jake Simmonds destroy the transmitter but Mickey later finds the code who he sends to the Doctor who places in the machine in the Cyber control that slowly allows the Cybermen to have their souls back in agony and it kills them. Their leader attempts to kill the Doctor, Rose Tyler and Pete but is killed when Pete dismantled the ladder he is climbing below him sending him into the burning factory. But unfortunately, some Cyberman escape into the real world where they attempt more invasions but are unsuccessful.


The Cybermen evolve by converting humanoid species into them. This can be by replacing the  body parts of human into cybernetic parts. Parallel Universe Cybermen are created differently. They cut open the brain and remove the Brian and place it is a suit of armour and place the cyber head on to complete the cybermen. Also, the cyber head had a emotional inhibitor which allows the Cybermen to not feel emotions unless the inhibitor shut off and it sadly kills them. People converted often are controlled by their earplugs which allows then, not to the feel pain whilst conversion. The real world Torchwood staff who were converted into Cybermen had no earplugs meaning that they felt the process until the were fully converted into Cybermen. They also used Cyber Pollen that concerted dead bodies into Cybermen like Danny Pink and Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge Stewart Who fight back conversion.

Some victims are only partially converted when only have one body part converted but keep their human looks. There have been various forms like killing their victims then controlling them with the us of earplugs or cybermites who convert the individuals mind into a Cybermen but some have been restored to their human selves like the Doctor, Angie and Artie in  Hedgewick’s Theme Park when they were partially converted but save after the Doctor won his Chess match against Mr Clever.

One of the Doctor’s best friends Bill Potts was converted after she was shot and was kept alive by a metal chest but unfortunately was forced to be converted into a Cybermen but was able to fight her conversion.

Ashad is example of a cybermen whose body was half destroyed and you cans ee his human appearance form his damage suit who still was a proper and stronger cybermen. He managed to take control oft eh Cybermen through the cyberium until the Master used is Tissue Compression Eliminator to kill him and take the Cyberium for himself to makes the Cyber Lords

It’s possible to enter a cyber suit without being converted and losing your emotions and if doable to systems that allow you to convert or you take it out of a dormant cybermen. This is what Ravio, Yedlarmi, Yasmin Khan and Graham O Brien did in The Cyber Wars to escape the Cyber Ship and save Ko Sharmus, Ethan and Ryan Sinclair from an actual group of Cybermen.

Graham, Yaz, Ravio & Yedlarmi pose as Cybermen


The Cybermen have had loads of designs but i will talk about 3 designs

Mondasian Cyberman (ORIGINAL)

The faces and gloves of the original Cybermen are mask like and resemble the Mondasians.They used a energy thing as a weapon.

Cybus Cybermen

These cybermen are the upgrade for humans designed by JOhn Lumic and as its the revival era, they had to revamp the cybermen to a present day model. THe body is asuit of armour with the Cybus Industires Logo which covers the most important aspect, the emotional inhibitor that  removes the emotions. Their hands can elcotrocute other beings and they hve laser weapons in their wrist that can instantly kill if its touches someone.

Cyberium Cybermen

These Cyrene from the Cybercarrier rebooted by Asha in a VIOLETN WAY WE HAVE NERV SEEN BEFORE. They a remix of a classic and revival who but with a nee twist. Their eyes and mouth resemble the Cybus design whilst the nodes of their face are more of a classic twixt. The outside borders of their face are a classic design but at the top, there is a added blue light. They still have the writ blaster but its a revamped version. The biggest change if that there is spies on the shoulders as well.


The cybermen will always be defeated and I will talk about 3 of their defeats.

Raston Warrior Robot.

One of the three troops of Cybermen sent to the Death Zone by President Borusa encountered one at a Cave Entrance o the way to the Tower that lead to the Tomb Of Rassilon. They went straight forward whist the thrum ocotr and Sarah remained still hiding from the robot. Since the Cybermen were moving and they were creatures that the Raston Warrior Robots could target and kill, they were all killed by the Robot’s Weapons allowing the Doctor and Sarah to move forward.

Mickey’s Code

When they Cybus Cybermen were unstoppable, the Doctor had worked out form what the Cyber Controller had said to Mickey Smith’s who along with Preacher Jake Simmond managed to sneak on to the Cyber Zepplin and us a Cybermen to stop the earplug transposition, freeing a lot of would be converts from conversion . He did this by looking into the camera Mickey had hacked into. and give him instructions to crack the emotional inhibitors and send the code to the Doctor and palace not the systems, destroying the Cyberme by allowing to feel their emotions.

The Doctor’s Final Stand

Mortally wounded by a Cybermen on Floor 1056, the Doctor and Bill Potts who was shoot by Jorj and forcibly converted into the Cybermen by the Master for revenge against the Doctor but fighting back her programming making her less dangerous stayed behind whilst Hazran, Nardole, Alit and the rest moved to Floor 502, the Duo fought the invading Cybermen on floor 507. The Doctor using his sonic which was now full of the computer system used to explode the earlier Cybermen using the fuel lines. The Doctor is successful at first but it’s shot by numerous Cybermen and refusing to regeneration with a speech then actives the Gaines destroying the Cybermen and mortally injuring himself AGAIN. This allowed Nardole’s group tp stay together and according in the Twice Upon A Time novel were safe for many years from advancing Cybermen.