Neil Patrick Harris, Beep The Meep & S14 Rumours- 60th Blog 2 (POTENTIAL FILMING SPOILERS)

Neil Patrick Harris, we’ll known for being Count Olaf and Barney Stinson will take on a villainous role. He was seen on set back in June in June in a Tailcoat with amazing make up. He is rumoured to play the retraining villain, The Celestial Toymaker, originally played by Michael Gough in the 1960s episode named after the famous villain

Comic legend Beep the Meep will be making his life action debut along with its enemy, The Wrath Warriors. A figure looking like Beep The Meep was seen filming with Ten and the Temple-Nobles back in May.

Reddit has rumoured that Amy Leigh Hickman, known to play Carmen Howle in the Tracy Beaker Franchise, Jade Thirwall from Little Mix and Sami Outalbali who played Rahim Harrak from Sex Education.

Fans on Twitter have discovered that it’s going to be 3 specials written by Russel T Davies

1. Rachel Talalay

2. Tom Kingsley

3. Chanya Button

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