The Doctor’s Outfit Guide – Thirteenth Doctor

Welcome to a new series where I DISCUSS the outfits the Doctor has worn over their many lives. I will began with the current Doctor, Jodie Whittaker.

Loads of fans dislike her outfit, I LOVE IT. I can easily cosplay this and I have the various T shirts and white undershirt. IT’S SO GOOD!

This her Original Outfit

13 emotionally happy

– Light Blue Coat

– White Undershirt

– Dark Blue T Shirt

– Yellow Suspender

– Brown Boots

I love it, she has worn this outfit the most but I would love to see her wear her other t shirts or a new costume more but I STILL love it though.


All with rainbows:

– Dark Blue T-Shirt

– Light Pink

– Dark Pink

– Navy Jumper

– Light Blue Jumper

I lov the fact she keeps the rainbow on all if these but she mixes up the colours, designs and shape from the over the shoulder to a proper t shirt to a jumper. Love her.

One Offs

Twelfth’s Tattered Dark Blue Suit

– Dark blue jacket

– Black Waistcoat

– Black Trousers

– White Shirt

– Black Boots


Thirteenth Doctor on a Motorbike in San Francisco

– Tuxedo Jacket

– White T Shirt

– Gold Dots/Black Background Bow-Tie

– Black trousers\Black Braces

– Black socks

– Black boots

My favourite of 13’s outifts

Here is me gushing about it:

Leigh Talks – Thirteen’s Tuxedo

She wears a Umbrella Waistcoat in The Haunting Of Villa Diodati. People also haven’t been a fan. I love it. It’s different, it’s cool, it reminds me when I mix things up.

POTENTIAL UPDATE: In Resolution Of The Daleks, she could wear a black shirt with coloured dotty things and a black tie. I personally love i and hope its canon. It suits Jodie well and I will say one thing…