Leigh Talks – Thirteen’s Tuxedo

As it’s nearly Spyfall, I though i would have a blog dedicated to Thirteen’s Tuxedo. I am OBSESSED WITH IT!

What does it look like

As you will know, it consists of:

A black tuxedo coat

Gold/Black Bow tie

White shirt

Silver Suspenders

Black trousers

Black socks

Black. Boots

Jodie Whittaker describes her outfit in the Doctor Who Magazine

“We have to blend in at a posh party so we all rock up in our finest. There have been additions to my costume before, like a scarf, a bum bag or a different colour t-shirt but this was like the first step away from what I usually wear, I say ‘a step’ because it’s not really a leap. The trousers are the same shape and it’s the same sort of boots and socks, only a different colour. The tux was very comfortable and was designed  to make the Doctor blend in without leaving the character behind.”

I think Jodie and Ray Holman did a great job. I love a different kind of a bow tie as the others have most have worn black as their choice, there is black but the gold dots make it more colourful. Also her jacket has a twist and I love they have kept it same style to what Jodie normally wears but more of a formal wear version.

Thank you Ray & Jodie looks great.