Russell T Davies Era Review

I am reviewing what was Russell T Davies good at and what things didn’t deliver in his era on the show from 2005 to 2010.

Positive things

He started my Doctor Who Story

I was 7 years old when I started Doctor Who properly. I did watch some of T Davies first series but can’t remember if I did but have rewatched in 2006 presumably and started again in 2013 and I watched the first Christmas Special after I watched Doomsday. My first PROPER episode was New Earth in 2006 an I loved the episode and check out my review of the episode here:

New Earth Review

Regardless of what I think about my first series. T Davies gave a valiant effort and I appreciate that.

Family Life

Family life was one of the best contributions as it all of the  three main components family appeared in the series. The best ones were Wilfred Mott played by Bernard Cribbins as he was one of Donna’s biggest supporters of her travelling with the Doctor even though her mum disapproved in a comic way and travelled with the Doctor against her wishes. Pete Tyler played by Shaun Dingwall was also good even though he wasn’t the real Pete and only appeared once in S1 before being the parcelled universe.

Classic Villains

T Davies loved the show so much when he was a kid and didn’t abandon its classic roots. He asked Robert Sherman to write a Dalek story before he wrote the finale including the Daleks himself. I really enjoyed these ones in S1 and were his best Dalek stories. He also brought back the Cybermen but didn’t write the first story as he asked Tom McRae who made his. Doctor Who writing debut but T Davies did write the finale with the Cybermen but he went one better and placed the Daleks vs Cybermen against each other which is his clever idea. I will also mention even though he didn’t write it but did give the writing job of reintroducing the Sontarans to Helen Raynor.

Kylie Minogue

T Davies as well known for helping to cast to Kylie Minogue in one of his episodes. Kylie’s Creative Director Will Baker asked the production team when they were launching S3 and Kylie later was interested in the role and was later cast as Astrid Peth in a one off companion role in Voyage of the Damned. I love the fact that T Davies had written the role for Minogue and wrote her well. I can understand why he killed her off for Kylie’s music career and I think it was a heroic scene.

Recruiting  Elisabeth Sladen for Toby Whitehouse’s School Reunion

Elisabeth Sladen originally declined until she changed her mind when was she going to be the main focus which she originally thought she wasn’t going to be. T Davies had this idea since 2003 wit also bringing back K9 Who Sarah never travelled with. This success allowed Elisabeth  to have her own series which was comissioned months after he appearance until the show finishing in October 2011 after Elisabeth passing away in April 2011 days before S6 started transmitting and had a tribute at the start of the episode. Elisabeth introduced me to classic go and I began watching the classic series around 2007 to 2009 with her first ever episode.

Writing for Katy Manning

I am glad he brought Jo Grant into the Sarah Jane Adventures as this allowed me to start watching her Doctor Who episodes similarly with Elisabeth .

Negative Things

Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler being unlikeable

I started Doctor Who watching these two and the first episode I watched properly was New Earth and I am probably happy with that. More than 10 years later, I felt like I am getting constantly ANNOYED and that is not fair as they’re meant to be likeable but they want to love beach other and be smug and I don’t want that, I am very SAD about that.

Too much content

T Davies went overboard with three things:

Rose Tyler – She was over used and I’ve mentioned after her departure when Martha and Donna deserves more focus. I did joy he in Turn Left but she wasn’t used until near the end of  Journey’s End which is where she used to great effect.

The Doctor’s Romance – I think T Davies made the romance too depressing as the Tenth Doctor always had a sad end. Some episodes weren’t written by him but he set the brief. I just think it too repetitive

Too Darker Doctor – He makes the Tenth Doctor too dark and depressing and it makes me dislike. Ten a lot and I am sad because it’s overshadowed by Twelfth Doctor even though it was not perfect.

I Don’t Want To Go

Check out my debate on this subject her

The Tenth Doctor’s Regeneration – Debate

It’s divisive but it makes me think that he only cares about himself and not his future self and that is a bad move. I have discussed with people that there is a reason but it still doesn’t move me here and I don’t think David Tennant should have chosen this line in the first place. I just wish I could love this scene and it really doesn’t help my overall opinion. T Davies biggest flaw is letting this happen and he should make it more understandable and that is why Steven Moffat tries to fix it.

Random opinions

I don’t think any of the teams made a great impression as they only lasted one series. I just feel that even though we did get 3 companions, I just think they never got they chance to balance 10 with some more than one series. I think it effects his character when he says I travel alone and sometimes feel he is being rude to people who want to travel and I don’t like that and I really makes him more miserable and nothing can save it or me.

I am mixed on the Rose situation, I prefer her being with Metacrisis Ten as her family were in the Parallel Worlds after the Battle Of Canary Wharf. However, she just felt too attached and needy with the Doctor. She doesn’t need to complain but Rose needs a life without him and I don’t like that. Rose could have done better on her own, she just needed to get a grip and work on getting her own way rather than sending with the Doctor.

That’s my review of Russell T Davies era. I would love to hear one good thing you love and one thing you didn’t like it.