New Earth Review

The second series is my least favourite but there are some brilliant episodes, New Earth is one of them. The second consecutive opener to get full marks from myself. This is very special to me as this is the first episode I watched properly on the show and is so good!

Opening scene was perfect and Rose just comes in like she  ready to PARTY! They visit New Earth which luckily has human species  from Earth after events on Platform One and Cassandra who wants revenge for last time separates the lifts to allow Rose to come o her and take her body over (Boo Boo Boo Boo Cassandra!) Billie Piper is at her best here and the poor thing has to deal with a silly women only mattering about herself.

Time to get Catty with the Sisters Of Plentitude. They aren’t felis sapien like the Cat from Red Dwarf, the are just Cat Women. You might recognise Adjoa Andoh who played Francine Jones’, Martha’s mum. The Sister I find the scariest is Matron Casp as she is in a charge and goes “Who needs arms, when we have claws! Oooow!” I personally think she got what she deserve at the end  but not Sister Jatt. Glad Novice Hame survived and love her change of heart in Gridlock.

David Tennant is here to stay and and makes a statement here and I side with him all the time here which doesn’t happen mostly during his era as I don’t agree with him but his act at the end justifies  why he is loved.

The series in safe hands with David! Billie starts strongly but problems will later start to occur.

Score: 10/10