The Tenth Doctor’s Regeneration – Debate

I am debating on the regeneration of the Tenth Doctor in The End Of Time. I will be talking on fans perspective for and against and then my opinion.


– People have felt emotional how watching this and it’s because the Doctor sacrifices  himself to save Wilf but he objects cause of what he has done and as the Doctor walks towards the booth and Wilf cries “no no, please” and i think this is when viewers will watch, listen and feel the moments along with the characters on screen.

– The Doctors anger is very divisive. The argument in its favour is that he ha sliced too long and has had enough and the foreshadowing has given him idea that he is going to die.


– The negative side of the Doctor’s Anger is that people can presume it as a sign of selfishness which I disagree with and it makes him look bad with the people who dislike regeneration. The ranting can make people not feel any sympathy for Ten and that is a major problem.

– The last line “I don’t want to go” can be misinterpreted as selfish too.

Jason McDonald, when he was guest contributing to Doctor Who TV says:

“It goes against everything that was ever said about the concept of regeneration at other points in the show’s run.”

Fans who agree with this will be saying that he shouldn’t disrespect his past.

Full article is here:

Why I Hate the Tenth Doctor’s Regeneration

– There is also a disagreement with the emotional side. People will say it’s too emotional which I kind of get why

My opinion 

This regeneration is a journey for me as I liked it, then I didn’t and now I am mixed on it but it’s growing one me. I have sympathy for Wilf and I am so happy  he survived. My major problem is with the Doctor being so angry and not thinking about regeneration and that is why I struggle to sympathise with him and that is sad. I disagree with Jason’s title for his article but what he says in the extract above is true as the Doctor’s  refusing to regenerate as hold back and the last goes against the character. Peter Capaldi also holds back his regeneration but his story does have a meaning which David doesn’t and that is a problem. I appreciate the story but I just don’t know if it was right for Ten?