What do you think about the Russell T Davies era

Here is what you think about the Russell T Davies era…


Well i don’t know where to begin. The RTD era is by far my favourite era of the show and definitely an era which I’ll always love. It’s the era that brought me into the show with its exciting and phenomenal stories in series 1. Even the worst episodes in his era are so enjoyable. I love how RTD brought many themes such as families and relationships making the show so realistic. This is why I love the 3 companions. They are so realistic and so relatable too. Both doctors that RTD wrote are also great and my favourites of the show. The villains in the RTD were also great as well as many side characters. He balances everything in 45 minutes perfectly. His story arcs were fab too. It’s an era which I’ll always defend.


he RTD era of doctor who was the era that introduced me to the show as a child, and it’s still my favourite era of the The characters were great, the episodes were fun and the stories were memorable (and the popularity and merchandise was unbelievable) I still miss the RTD era.


In Series one he didn’t just reinvent the show, he also delivered consistent television. I love how themes like the slitheen and the Cardiff rift were woven through and of course Bad Wolf. He gave us two distinct Doctor’s with distinct personalities and they each had stories designed specifically for that characteristic. Eccleston had Dalek for his PTSD and Tennant had Human Nature where his aspect of being the most human Doctor really shined.

If Davies nailed one thing, it was character. The Doctor and his companions have never felt more real. His best contributions were all these well thought out people. I can’t say he did much in terms of monsters but I will always praise the “Midnight Entity” in how it is the perfect foe for 10, the man who weaponizes words. It’s just another great character driven story and character storytelling is one of my favourite ways of presenting television. While he could write good technobabble and decent Sci fi, it was always the Characters that mattered in his era.

I’ll also throw in how he didn’t just bring life to Who but also the Daleks. Its one of the things I’m most thankful for. During the Wilderness Years the Daleks really had become a source for jokes so bringing them back in Dalek, more intimidating than ever was the right move and the way he dedicated the 4 series to tell a story of the Daleks returning and ultimately Davros for their finest moment really was extraordinary.


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It’s my favorite era. There’s such a sense of family and friendship and love in this series. I loved that he delved into the family lives of each companion. I loved that the Doctor managed to find a family with the Tylers and Nobles which made it all more heartbreaking when he lost them. It was funny and heartbreaking and occasionally infuriating and I had so much fun watching this era. Nine and Ten and their companions are the ones that got me into Doctor Who.


Oh I don’t know how to put it into words but Russell just KNOWS people. His characters felt so real and alive, partly because they had family and friends and a job like normal people do. His stories were so great, his arcs so round and all felt so right.


The RTD era is without doubt my favourite, as it made me fall in love with Doctor Who! The show had such an amazing warmth to it, and the best part in my opinion was the characters (Rose, Martha, Donna, Jack in particular) and the fact they had such amazing backstories.

Thank you for taking part and next time, it’s time for the Moffat fans to share why they love Steven’s era.