Why I love River Song – 10 years of River Song

Alex Kingston begin her Doctor Who career in Silence in the Library not knowing Steven Moffat decided to bring her back in the most controversial storyline.

Here is what my colleagues had to say

Clara the Cat: She definitely was peculiar at the beginning but once she had a storyline, I was satisfied but she later became the best thing on the show in my opinion.

Sasha Spaniel: Woof Woof Woof! Funny, enjoyable and great addition!

Alexandra: She was ok however I didn’t like the whole S6 storyline and Name of the Doctor thing as I think she deserves better  but yeah felt River needed more development rather than what happened S6 to her and Amy deserved better.

Sasha Craddock: Woof! Best thing ever but prefer her with Matt and Peter on tv than hearing her on Big Finish

Here are my favourite things on why I love Alex’s character


I always think River was a comedian as she always makes me laugh especially with the whole hat scenario as she hated his silly hats but why she didn’t shoot his formal top hat?

The Doctor

One of my favourite relationships (Sorry my Twelve and Clara fans) as it felt real and I choose to back it up with a bit of the transcript from Wedding of River Song

River: Those reports of the sunspots and the solar flares, they’re wrong. It’s not the Sun, it’s you. The sky is full of a million million voices saying, “Yes, of course we’ll help.” You’ve touched so many lives, saved so many people…did you think when your time came, you’d really have to do more than just ask? You’ve decided that the universe is better off without you — But the universe doesn’t agree.

The Doctor: River, no one can help me. A fixed point has been altered. Time is disintegrating.

River: I can’t let you die!

The Doctor: I have to die!

River: Shut up! I can’t let you die without knowing you are loved — by so many and so much — and by no one more than me.

The Doctor: River, you and I, we know what this means: We are Ground Zero of an explosion that will engulf all reality. Billions on billions will suffer and die.

River: I’ll suffer if I have to kill you.

The Doctor: More than every living thing in the universe?

River: Yes.

This tells me that River loves him. So much that she doesn’t want to kill him and that is hat happens if you mess with the Doctor’s friends.


The only member of the Pond family to be violent as she was programmed to kill the Doctor. But after the whole thing was dealt with, she used her violence to depefend her mates like killing all the Silence that took her mother in Day of the Moon (Later revealed to be a Ganger but the real Amy is rescued in a Good Man Goes to War)


She has two catchphrases that are “Hello Sweetie” and “Spoilers” All 3 Doctors have said Spoilers at some point but the Twelfth Doctor has said Hello Sweetie once. I love it as it’s the perfect catchphrase to describe her and her life.


As well as her husband, she hadn’t a great relationship with her mum and Dad who were her best friends too which is strange but it’s a very clever twist for a great character.


My 2nd favourite scene for a special reason but this whole Darillium plot lasted 7 years from 2008 to 2015. The way it was staged makes me think that it felt so heartbreaking for the Doctor as throughout the scene, I could see tears coming out his eyes and it just fit the scene and River’s reaction was very well done.

Time to share my favourite Alex clips that I would watch but I only can only fit on 3 but here they are

River Song is revealed to be Amy and Rory’s Daughter

The Doctor and River get married

Darillium (Emotional)

Hope you River fans love this and Happy 10 years to River Song and Alex Kingston!