What I think you should watch before S11 – Part 4 – Classic and Xmas

Time to conclude this helpful guide by recommending what you should watch from Classic Who and Christmas specials.

Classic Who:

1st Doctor: The Edge Of Destruction

An iconic episode for being the only episode to star the Doctor and his companions Susan, Ian and Barbara. I recommend why you should  watch this episode as it shows how the Doctor turns into the hero we know it’s help from his granddaughter and friends. I would recommend you watch carefully as we see Barbara stand up to the Doctor and work the problem out. The last scene is beautiful and I would recommend  you watch it.

Review for the episode is in this link: http://drwhowhatwhy.com/first-doctor/54-years-of-who-the-edge-of-destruction-review/

Christmas Specials:

10th Doctor: Voyage of the Damned

This is great episode to watch and is one of the highest rated episodes of revival who and it’s a ship under siege story as the Doctor attempts to stop a insane cyborg from destroying Earth for his retirement plan with a band of passengers including Kylie Minogue’s Astrid Peth, Revival Who regular Jimmy Vee as Bannaklflata, Clive Swift who played Jobel in Revelation  of the Daleks and known as Richard Bucket in Keeping Up Appearences as the kind Mr Copper, Corrie Villain Gray O Brien as the selfish Rickston Slade and Clive Rowe and Debbie Chazen as Morvin and Foon Van Hoff.Also we have the amzing Russell Tovey as the adorable Midshipman Alonzo Frame. I would recommend you watch this episode as it’s one of  David Tennant’s best despite a few deductions and he does it so well but it’s nice take on a actual ship but Orient Express would later beat this.

11th Doctor: The Snowman

Jenna Coleman made her proper debut in this amazing episode set in Victorian times. Jenna’s Cockney accent is amazing. I recommend you should watch this episode as it’s shows the return of the Paternoster Gang and Strax is funnier as ever but the plot is ok but unsure about Clara story arc but it’s lovely way to merge the second part of S7 where Paternoster Gang will have 2 more appearances.

12th Doctor: Last Christmas

My joint favourite 12th Doctor special and I know I make a few Clara fans happy with this. Peter and Jenna show what they have done in S8 to make a believable episode. I recommend you should watch this episode as it’s explores dreams and second chances in more depth and I can relate this to the Despair Quid episodes in a red Dwarf where it’s ink can cause hallucinations that can kill the person they stay too long or lose their minds. It’s a similar thing here as the scene of old Clara, this could have been the end of Clara if Jenna didn’t change her mind so we are thankful for this. The last scene is so great as they are so happy and hope to do a Review soon.

I would also recommend you watch Day of the Doctor as the scene where the Doctor saves Gallifrey is a class act scene but this has complications when they get in big trouble for cause the death of one of the Doctor’s loyal friends.

Thanks for reading these helpful posts and hope that this has helped and inspired us for Series 11.