Why I love Clara Oswald – Birthday tribute to Jenna Coleman

As we celebrate another Who birthday, it’s time to look back to Jenna Coleman’s time on the show as I explain why I love Clara Oswald.


Clara cared about others especially children just like when she met Merry Gejelh on Akhaten on her first ever adventure who she helped rescue by giving up her mother’s ring which wasn’t easy but she did and got it back as a thank you for saving Akhaten by using the leaf that brought her parents together. I find it quite touching as it shows that she is just a valuable member to the team.


She contributed a successful win against a Cyberman invasion by leading an army to victory when’s she visits a futuristic theme park Hedgwick’s World Of Wonders despite having a small platoon. She also contributed to the defeat of the boneless by leading new a group of community worker support to safety and formulating a plan by using her new friend Rigsy’s newly created artwork by luring the boneless to the defunct TARDIS which re grew and the Doctor defeated the boneless.

The Doctor

She and the Doctor have a brilliant relationship a series they both cared about each other and learned more during the travels. The Doctor did have a difficult time which caused an argument but after the defeat of a Mummy, Clara learned that the Doctor did care and were friends again. When Clara went reckless, the Doctor was concerned for her and his concern led to her kindness to her death but he knew she died being brave and her demise led to problems but her actions made him a better person.


I think Clara is an all arounder as she kind of specialises in everything. She is brainy, caring and a fighter when needed.

My favourite episode of Clara

Flatline because she redeems herself from their fallout and leads a small band of community workers to safety. Clara makes a new friend here so it’s been definitely a success!

Here are a few of my favourite Clara moments

Clara faces her demise

Clara is definitely normal and the heart of the TARDIS.

Clara Oswald will always be a favourite to me and this makes Coal Hill School shows that their teachers are the amazing companions and make a big difference to the Doctor.