What I think you should watch before S11 Part 3-S5 to S10

Hi and welcome back to what I think you should watch before Series 11, it’s now going to be a 4 parter feature due to time constraints. Part 3 will be one story from each series of the era from Steven Moffat

Series 5: The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood

I love this episode , the way the Silurian are re introduced is so amazing and now they have masks which make it more scarier but underneath, they are less scarier. The thing about the crack is intriguing as the Doctor places his hand in when they find it but is able to pull something out and later consumes the body Rory Williams which makes Amy Pond forget about him which I think sad but there is one of the sadder scenes where a person forgets an experience or a person. I think you should watch this episode as it does show why the Doctor wants everyone to get a long but it ends in disaster where Ambrose makes two big mistakes but lives. This is what I question but she does have a son  and deserves a second chances aand does the peace with the Silurians and hopefully her dad and Nasreen get a second chance with the amazing Eldane in charge as Restac who attempted to kill the Doctor ends up killing Rory  (How dare you!) is caught in the gas after resisiting hibernating with the others dies the moment she shoots Rory.

Series 6 – The Doctor’s Wife

Suranne Jones is the star as she goes through the most changes in this episode and this is lovely episode written by Neil Gaiman as we see inside the TARDIS and her relationship with the Doctor. I think you should watch this episode as it it’s so emotional and you learn more about the TARDIS in this episode.

Series 7 – Rings of Ahkaten

There is a star in this one and that person is Jenna Coleman. Jenna’s character goes on her first proper adventure and she starts off brilliantly. The Doctor starts of being a bit crazy by investigating her past as he isn’t suspicious motives but he learns his lesson later in the series. A shoutout to Emilia Jones who played the amazing Merry Gajelh as she acted very well and had a amazing vocal range when she sung. I think you should watch this episode as it shows why the Doctor does need his companion and begins the friendship that will form throughout Clara’s traveling experience.

Series 8 – Listen

I love the episode as it’s darker and makes you feel there is somebody under the bed and there is a little argue, about on where Clara should be but she gets her own back near the end of story. We meet Samuel Anderson again and I don’t mind his character  in this episode. I just find Danny Pink annoying in a few episodes as I just feel he is trying to ruin the relationship but apart from that he redeems himself in episode 8. I think you should watch this episode as it shows the Doctor as a child and his parents argue as he is crying why Clara overhears the conversation and later comforts her future best friend with a speech which I love so much.

Series 9 – Heaven Sent

One of my favourite episodes from Series 9 with a puzzling storyline which I like as love it when the Doctor is annoyed and angry. I think you should watch this episode as it has Peter Capaldi is one of the greatest Doctor’s ever and the death of Clara is a point where I think he can use the past to help him fight back. Rachel Talalay is another star who made the episode very special with her directing of scenes. She is definitely one of the best directors.

Series 10 – Oxygen

The first time we see the new team work together and it’s a good one. A different type of zombie from before which helps it stand out and makes it different. I think you should watch this episode as it shows the Doctor in the dark and has a weakness which helps it more darker and it’s different to Astrid Hofferson in Blindsided in Dragons: Race to the Edge where her kindness to help the creatures gets her knocked out by storm and we she sees the lightening but is wanting to find her dragon Stormfly and helps her friends deal with the Stryke creature before Gothi the village Elder restores her sight. This continues on through the two episodes where I start to lose interest in the Monks which affects the blindness storyline which I think was a big risk. Love the idea of the Spacesuits trying to kill them.

That is it and I will be back with the 4th and final part with a special watch  choice from Sasha Craddock