Planet of Giants Review

Planet of Giants was the Season 2 Premier in 1964! This episode is about the crew being miniaturised after the doors opened on dematerialisation and facing a ruthless businessman who is determined to make money and a batch of insecticide that ends up in one of the crew.

I love the chemistry in this episode between the crew. Susan is adorable in this and looks so cute in her dungarees and shirt like a proper teenager. Ian and Barbara’s relationship blossom in this as we see Barbara touch DN6 which makes her ill whilst she is miniaturised and we see Ian fuss of her and love the fact that Barbara never gives up under the risk of dying and is luckily cured when she grows again. This is the ep that shows the Doctor does care towards Barbara. The Doctor has a lot to do in this episode as he gives clear instructions and agrees with Ian several times.

I love the plot as they discover a plot to make DN6 available to kill insects and especially heats up when a murder occurs and the killer, a ruthless business attempts to disguise and still get ahead but in the end the team creates attention when a police officer comes in to deal with them.

In conclusion, I don’t think the end was rushed as it showed why I am a big fan of this team and used their numbers to their advantage. Great start and one of my favourite openers overall. 

Score: 10/10