Leigh’s Rankings (MAY 2020 Edition) – Top 5 Christmas Special Moments

Time to spread some early festive cheers as I share my 5 FAVOURITE MOMENTS from the Christmas Special


5. The Doctor cries at Christmas

The Docotr being appreciated and accepted a a member of the Pond family after being invited to join Amy & Rory for Christmas Dinner. He claimed earlier crying is humanly wumanly, well this is what happens when you’re accepted as a family when he sheds a tear. I find it emotionally touching and appreciate why this is a great story.

4. Mourning Doctor

The Doctor is suffering from a period of mourning after saying goodbye to his wife as his voice and face shows. Nardole expands the situation and assures he will be there for him “I’ll make sure of that!” Grant assures Lucy he will be ok as he is “DOCTOR MYSTERIO” as he called himself when he first met Grant. I feel this comes across as touching and I feel this is the best I have seen the Doctor react after losing someone. Poor Doctor!

3. Peter Capaldi to Jodie Whittaker (REGENERATION IN TUAT)

The legend to another legend. I feel this is a inspiring last speech and it comes across to the viewers who feel this speech. Jodie comes in with a BIG STUNT. BECAUSE THEY DAMAGED THE TARDIS DIDN’T THEY?

2. Second Chance

A second chance given by Santa. It turns out Old Clara is JUST a dream when Santa shows up to wake him up to save Clara. His second attempt, now his ONLY CHANCE, he is successful. There is this magical element that makes me connect with it

“All of time all of space, just sitting out there in a blue box. PLEASE? DON’T ARGUE!”

The kiss? Possible Romance?


1. The Last Night

My FAVOUTTE CHRISTMAS SCENE. As a shipper of these two lovely people. Th

I just feel its emeotional scene and because I ship them, that kind of makes em enjoy and appricate these two together and the music. IT’S EMOTIONAL AND BEAUTIFUL!

That’s my top 5! I hope you enjoy hearing my thoughts on these amazing moments.