Leigh Talks: What Do I Think Of S6

S6 was the first series to be spot in 2 parts. Same cast and Multiple Storylines emerged and the identity of River Song was revealed. Before S12, this was my  second favourite series of any revival Doctor.

Matt Smith came back a upped his game here. New look and more sensual in a way which people complain about. I don’t mind but S7 is when it becomes a problem in my eyes. Matt got it right, his emotions were coming across at the right moments.

Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, playing the first married couple on the TARDIS, I felt they got their relationship right in S6 more than they did in S7 but that’s down to less episodes they appear in. Not a fan of Amy being a ganger however it worked to help the character arc of Amy being pregnant. I love their relationship and it’s the first one before 11 and River than comes across to me as genuine.

River Song is a LEGEND. I love Alex Kingston in the role. One fo her loyal fans. I wasn’t expecting anything so going back to that night in 2011 when they announced it onscreen, I was like WHAT. Her and Matt’s chemistry is there and amazing, I do feel more when Alex was with Peter Capaldi in the Husbands Of River Song on chemistry terms but i do love 11 & River a lot and feel their relationship. Both shipping’s are adorable.


Character wise yes but I felt Part 2 was weaker though as the magic of Part 1 had vanished and it just felt hhm oh. S7 has a different issue but hey ho

Silence Will Falls is a love and hate story arc to me. I like it as it creates a effect where we don’t know how the Doctor will get out it and I like that.

The episodes in the first half are out of this world and makes the second half weaker as there are episode I love like the opener, The Doctor’s Wife and more. Closing Time and Night Terrors just didn’t appeal to me.

3 things I would change:

1. Make the second part stronger

2. Make Closing Time more appealing

3,  Make Amy a little less complaining as its ok but a little less would make her less needy.

Improvement on S5 and I love it but it felt safer in the Second Half but still a good series.