Clara Oswald is the Doctor for the Day – Flatline Review

I love Jenna Coleman so much but this episode I am about to review is a treat. Yeah, a TREAT!

Continuing the impressive streak set by her co star and a personal favourite of mine, Peter Capaldi. KING AND QUEEN OF COMEBACKS! I watched this recently and I loved the uncertainty but Clara wanted to get everyone to safety as it was her responsibility. I love she takes control despite Fenton being a bit of a pain through the episode but he is entertaining though. Is he a anti-hero? I like her reassurance and the fact that some of the stuff she does without the Doctor helps make Clara her own character and uses what they have at the time and I think that they did the right thing to help Clara along, similar with Billie Piper as Rose Tyler in the Satan Pit when they escape from the Ood.

The Doctor has a supporting role in this episode but does send the Boneless back to their own dimension. Peter does well here as I think regardless of if he is in the centre or background, I just feel he has a purpose, similar to my girl, Mandip Gill as Yasmin Khan and she gets a hard time too. Both of them, similar thing but iconic and I love that. I love Peter’s Doctor inventing and I think this is the only time he has done it but I love his monologues here. Just love the guy.

Jamie Mathieson writes this episode very well. I love the merge of 2D and 3D and I have played 3D games and love the designs of them as Luigi old say ‘OOOOOOOOOH’. A great scary episode for me to enjoy and I love rewatching it. I love the Boneless, entertaining  and the fact the facts they took their victims in different ways made them more interesting and as the Doctor said they were learning and dissecting the information or them to access our world

The guest stars were great but my favourite has to be Jovian Wade as Rigsy. Very likeable character and definitely a hero. Impress Clara’s best friend with a painting that brings him back to power. You know its good when you impress 12. Love Joivan and glad he got to return to the show a year later.

A favourite episode of mine and I just think it’s amazing and Clara is BRILLIANT here.

Score; 10/10