Tesla vs Edison – Nikola Tesla’s Night Of Terror Review

As I start to love old Historicals like Rosa and Curse of The Black Spot and elevate to 10/10’s, this one doesn’t need to do that at all. I have given it a positive reception on twitter. Time for me to expand in this interview

Goran Visnijc played Nikola Tesla and I loved him. I felt he was a interesting character. I liked the fact he wanted to give his life up for the Earth but ends us saving it and living on. I loved is chemistry with the Doctor as they are both genius and need reassurance from each other.

Here is a scene I love so much:

If you have watched Caves of Androzani in 1984, you will remember Robert Glenister who this time played Thomas Edison who was Tesla’s rival. Tesla’s AC current vs Edison’s DC current. I liked Edison, he was entertaining and when the Doctor brought the truth, things changed for him and he teams up with Yaz to save the citizens of New York.


Anjili Mohindra who was well know for playing Rani Chandra in the Sarah Jane Adventures and debuted in the episode Bradley Walsh appeared as Elijah Spellman in 2008, the same year Karen Gillan and Peter Capaldi did the same in Doctor Who’s Fires of Pompeii. I loved Anjili as the villain, I got Racnoss vibes but she was playing an entirely different race which were the Skithra. I have to give Anjili props for performing in a entire costume and doing it with perfection. Loved it!

I loved Jodie Whittakers performance agin. There is something that connects with me that makes me love her Doctor so much. The darkness came through and her protection towards her fam and allies when she was in da=anger came through when she tricked the Skithra. I think it’s easy to work out that she will be gettting more emotional and dangerous and I believe the finale is going to show that.

I loved Tosin Cole and Bradley Walsh as they were funny and entertaining and relatable as usual but I was impressed with Mandi[ Gill for the second time this series. I loved the attitude with Yaz and especially staying it’s Tesla when they were on the Skithra ship and her defending the citizens of New York and did it successfully. I think Yaz is coming through nicely and peaking at the right time and Fugitive of the Judoon might be working in her favour from what we know.

Leigh’s Question:

Will Team TARDIS end up being divided?

This could be the case if she keeps ending up hiding these secrets.

I love everything about the episode and it’s definitely one of my favourite Historicals along with a few others.

Score: 10/10

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