Yaz Is In Love With The Doctor – Eve Of The Daleks Review

The THIRD Dalek special in a ROW.

I felt the story was well written and it reminded me of Heaven Sent, another successful story with the regulars being killed multiple times but in a different format.

Jodie Whittaker has been constantly impressing and improving throughout her tenure. She may only have a few episodes left but I loved the protective side after encountering the Daleks.

Mandip Gill was amazing. One of my highlights was when it’s revealed Yaz is in love with the Doctor and I felt the scene even though I am not part of community. This shows you can easily use simplicity to create representation

Regardless of the controversy that happens a week later, John Bishop came more alive as Dan which is a good thing. He was shadowing the girls but now one of his lines he said in The Halloween Apocalypse shows up here when he is trying to help his friends talk about their feelings.

It’s TIME…


I was glad they finally addressed Thasmin as canon as this is a good move. I love the simplicity as it’s relating with fans who are in the same position as a Yaz. I am concerned about the future but hopefully I am proved wrong. Fingers crossed!

This line…

“I didn’t. I mean, it were just that… She’s just…. I don’t know what to do, Dan. I’ve never told anyone. Not even myself.”

I just feel for her as this line kind of sparks some emotion in me.

Loved Aisling Bea and Adjani Salmon as they were very hilarious. Aislign with the whiting and Adjani taking down multiple Daleks.

The Daleks stood out so much. Chris Chibnall gets the Daleks and he knows how to make hem dangerous.

Love this standalone. Definitely has some stuff they have to solve and fast.

Score: 10/10

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