Do companions that last longer develop better?

The companions of revival Doctor Who series have had a range of tenures from short to a full era

1 series

Martha Jones

Donna Noble


Bill Potts

Dan Lewis

Companions that last one series is always risky as you barely get to time to get to know and sometimes can end up having more errors than someone who last longer.

Unfortunately, Martha suffers from 10’s attitude throughout the series and the one side unrequited love but even though she is damselled in S4 as a recurring character, she has more agency. This is the improvement she needs but she deserves better appreciation from 10 at the start.

But on the other side, Dan Lewis has less episodes but a I feel I love him within 1 series which is a surprise, even with the less episodes which could have had the opposite effect.

Two series

Rose Tyler

Graham O Brien

Ryan Sinclair

I feel two series can be long enough as we see with these three as I feel they were done regardless if it was a success or not.

My favourite in this group, is of course, Ryan Sinclair. We see Ryan have a big journey from learning to ride his bike and having to deal with the loss of his Nan. Plus his battle with Dyspraxia is also quite common as he manages to grow in confidence and learn from his mistakes.

I love Ryan to bits and I feel he represents me as who I am and I think he left at the right time because I feel he knew what he wanted to do.

Three Series

Amy Pond

Rory Williams

Clara Oswald

Yasmin Khan

I feel lasting 3 series can really help a character shine & develop their own personalities

I feel Yaz is given a bit too much criticism for not having too much to do but she has a lot more if your invested in the character like myself. What I love about Yaz is that I see a lot more from her earlier days when I was pushing for more development. I feel Yaz is a simplistic character who has a heart which makes her standout with the others. I love how we learn about her sexuality but I will say the CHAT must start next episode otherwise my girl is in trouble. I rather she got the best chance than them wasting an episode so please don’t do that.

My conclusion is you can easily do well with a one series companion with the right development and likeability but sometimes, lasting multiple series might help a companion comeback stronger.

How many series do you think a companion needs to develop? Comment down below!