10 things I love about the Thirteenth Doctor

10 things is back! I will choose 10 good things about a character’s era and explain why. The next character is the Thirteenth  Doctor played by Jodie Whittaker.

1. First Female Doctor

Jodie Whittaker as the first women to be cast as the Doctor. That’s a huge thing.

2. Old School Classic

She can contact other time lords like she did to The Master in Paris 1943.

3. Mechanical Legend

She is well know for being mechanical  like her Third Incarnation and was all to make her new Sonic Screwdriver.

Inventor Thirteen

4. Fights off Flirting

She managed to take down Lord Byron’s romantic advanced but he did mention “She Was The Universe.”

5. She suits up well in a Tuxedo

She dresses up like a man when she needs to but does it in a stylish way. The fandom was so hyped up about this when the rumours began.

6. The Fam

She cares about her fam more, especially in the Cyberman invasion, she cared about their safety more and that’s how you lead a team.

7. Socially Awkward

She has a few social issues but this a victory for fans who have social issues

8. Learnt from her mistakes

When she gave the Lone Cyberman what it wanted, she immediately decided to fix it..

9. Loves Historical Characters

Loves a Historical figure and even can relate to them on occasion.

10. Supportive

She is a supportive role model especially with people who impress her like when Silas fixed the teleported.

That’s 10 things I love about Thirteen. What things do you love about 13? Comment down below!