The French Artistic Gymnastics Team Appriciation – April Non Who Feature

I have a huge respect for the French Gymnastics Team so here is some love for these amazing girls.

Claire Pontlevoy, Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos, Lorette Charpy, Marine Boyer, Aline Friess and Celia Serber at Stuttgart World Championships 2019 at Podium Training

Here ar some fo their best individual results over the last few years

Marine Boyer

2nd: BB – Euros 2016

1st BB – Mediterranean Games 2018

Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos

5th AA – Worlds 2017

1st FX – Euros 2018

1st: AA & FX – Euros 2019

Aline Friess

4th AA – European Games

11th AA – Worlds 2019

Coline Devillard

1st VT – Euros 2017

Juliette Bossu

1st UB – Paris World Cup 2018

Louise Vanhille

1st UB 2nd AA 3rd BB – Medittarean Games 2018

Lorette Charpy

8th AA & 3rd BB – Euros 2019

2nd AA – European Games

One of my highlights in the Team Event is the French team taking a historic Silver in the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Peter Capaldi’s hometown of Glasgow. The team consisted of 2018 European Floor Champion Melanie, 2018 European Beam Bronze medalist Marine and fellow 2018 European finalists Juliette, Lorette and Coline.Here are their performances:

At the Worlds 2018 & 2019, they have finished 5th which is a good result for France overall.

Melanie, Juliette, Marine, Louise and Lorette after qualifying France to the Team Final at the Worlds for the first time since 2007.

My final highlight has to be the support the French team give in completion. My pick is when Melanie won the AA Gold in 2019 as she, Lorette who finished 8th and their watching team mates Marine and Coline got emotional and embraced each other. Its a heartwarming moment of 2019 & problem one of the best moments overall.

The French team supporting Melanie in the AA.

Thank you to the French Gymnastics Team for being brilliant and hope things continue to shine for you.