Leigh’s Rankings: Revival Series Episode Rankings 2005 to 2019 70th to 61st

We’re going UP UP UP in the rankings!

70th: The Sontaran Stratagem 9/10 and The Poison Sky 10/10

I love Martha’s return because I like how she is used here and helps Donna realise to go back to her family. I love Wilf and the way his overrules  his daughter Sylvia. David Tennant is definitely continuing his good streak here. Sontarans are well used and are at their best since The Sontaran Experiment.

69th: The Girl Who Died 9/10

Whouffaldi content from hugging to dancing which I wasn’t expecting, bits of the episode was spoiled in a review before the episode but I didn’t watch it I’ll later because I went out this illumination thing which actually had a illuminated TARDIS. The first bit was the only bit I didn’t like   But Ashildir is more likeable. I prefer this to the the draft version as I might’ve not enjoyed it.

68th: Aliens Of London 9/10 and World War Three 9/10

Definitely memorable monster here and if this wasn’t a success, Sarah Jane Adventures wouldn’t have used the Slitheen. Love Penolope Wilton as Harriet Jones and feel for her here.

67th: Rise Of The Cybermen 9/10 and The Age Of Steel 9/10

Cybermen return with a success, like learning about the parallel universe. Mickey becomes a hero. Rose really needs to stop her whining which is a serious problem now and it really makes her look bad.

66th: Let’s Kill Hitler 9/10

I like this one, it’s entertaining but sad, it’s not perfect but it does explain how River has been brainwashed to kill the Doctor. Rory is a action hero here in this as he punches Hitler dan a guard and Amy is heroic her and the Doctor is ‘Dying’ is interesting as well.

65th: Victory Of The Daleks 9/10

I think this is a episode that is under appreciated cause of how they re-designed the Daleks. The guest cast are great and Bill Paterson was amazing here. I like the plot and it’s different.

64th: World Enough And Time 7/10 and The Doctor Falls 9/10

My least favourite of 12’s finales as I was left disappointed by the damage one in Part One but it worked but Part Two suffered one bad moment but came back fighting with Peter Capaldi perform his best speech at the time. I loved Briann Shan as Alit, she was so cute and great. Cyber,am were creepier than ever and bringing different eras of Cybermen together in one story but they are used less which is similar to the criticism in S11 but I didn’t mind.

63rd: The Witchfinders 9/10

Jodie Whittaker is definitely at her best at this point, her Doctor’s attempts to stand up to herself and her confronting Becky Savage after she learns the truth, I have explained about why I love this scene in my top 5 moments

Leigh’s Rankings: Top 5 Moments in Series 11

I don’t like he way the Doctor is treated in this but it has to be done. Yaz has a good moment in this episode and gives Willa Twiston the advice she needs which inspires her to leave Bilehurst Cragg. Graham is hilarious and Ryan has to face the unwanted attention of James I who grows on me near the end.

62nd: The Runaway Bride 9/10

Donna Noble is introduced, I do find her annoying but in her good way cause she is entertaining throughout the story and gladly just for this, if she is stayed like this, she wouldn’t have done as well as she actually did. The Empress Of Racnoss was a camp villain but in a good way. A good plot. Him pining over Rose was necessary as he had just lost her but after this episode , it just starts to get bad and ruins S3 chances of a top 5 spot.

61st: Smith and Jones 9/10

I love the story as it’s funny and introduces the Jones family in a comical way. The Judoon were well used and their success  here allowed T Davies to use them again and allow Chibnall to borrow Judoon in the next series in 2020. Not sure about the last scene though.