10 things I love about the Twelfth Doctor

Time for a new series, I will choose 10 good things about a character’s era and explain why. It’s a new thing designed to be positive and enjoyable to the fans of each respective character. The first character is the Twelfth Doctor played by Peter Capaldi.

1. Twelfth Doctor had a story on his own

I love this story for a loads of reasons but it’s the Twelfth Doctor who connects with his emotional story after losing Clara Oswald. I think it’s well acclaimed story that deserves awards.

2. Accepted Bill’s sexuality

Twelve never questioned Bill fancying women which I really love because this was definitely a risk that payed off and people relate to Bill. I love the fact in the end of Extremis where he helps persuade Bill to go on a date with Penny. Also, that scene in The Doctor Falls, that is amazing. It was near perfect and it took a while to grow on me but this is how you take a risk and it works.

3. He is a fighter

Twelev fought a lot in his era and flight well from avoiding becoming a bad man to being stuck in a confession dial to try and save Clara to being blind to sacrificing his life. I love to see him fight his fears and enemies as it makes him have a story

4. Spends 24 years (Equals 1 NIGHT) on Darillium with River Song

He decides to give into fate after the Harmony and Redemption crashes on Darillium and has spent many years avoiding it. He organises a hotel with a view of the towers and books for a dinner their and gives her a Sonic Screwdriver. I love this as we see a different side to Twelve after Clara and it works well.

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That is not the only thing he does than his predecessor doesn’t do…

5. Visits the Orient Express

After avoiding since the phone call in 2010, he gives in and brings along Clara Oswald for one last hurrah and after a struggle, what I love is the fact we learn about why he acts darker and his a GENTLEMAN.

6. Mentions he had a Man Crush on the Master

In the flashback in World Enough And Time, he mentions that he had a crush on the master when he was a man. I think it’s a good thing as it just shows that time lords are similar to humans and allows the fans to ship them.

7. Saving Davros

The Doctor saves his arch nemesis Davros when he is a humanoid child cause after the whole incident on Skaro with adult Davros, he realises regardless of the side they’re on, there is mercy and takes him home. People seem to be so harsh, I don’t mind, I actually think it’s useful and can relate it to the Harry/Draco feuding in Harry Potter.

8. Saying Goodbye With A Kiss

Before Clara died, he kissed her goodbye on the hand. I think it was nice touch as it made it more interesting and emotional.

9. I Miss You Clara Oswald

The last scene in The Women Who Lived is when Clara rejoins her best friend and the Doctor had helped Evie Hubbard with her homework and shockingly sees Ashildir in the selfie and he accepts Clara hugs by saying “I missed you Clara Oswald.” I love how h is now growing into hugs as he is not a hugger and he smiles at her.

10. Laugh Hard, Run Fast, Be Kind

Before Twelve regenerated, he gave Thirteen great advice including the following words, “Laugh Hard. Run Fast. Be Kind.” I love it as ot shows that Twelve does care about his future incarnations and he wants what best for them.