What I would love to see in S12?

Hi Leigh here! I love S11 and probably one that is very positive and praises Team TARDIS but I do think I would love S12 to do better as most second series for revival Doctor don’t seem to impress me as much. Time for me to explain what I want in S12 but I will explain it, LEIGH STYLE!

Let Jodie take centre change (I MEAN IT CHIBNALL)

I love Jodie’s Doctor but I feel she needs to save the day more and Chibnall denied her defeating Tzim Sha for the second time but I did love what happened. CHIBNALL, GET A GRIP AND ACTUALLY FOCUS ON YOUR LEAD STAR!

Justice for Mandip Gill’s Yaz

I want more of Yaz being a hero. I am tired of the complaints. People are giving her hard time. I want Yaz to do well.

Proper threats

I love the aliens in S11 but want a proper alien plot as it’s starting to get boring with the whole human thing and that is the thing that most fans want in S12. The rumours look promising though.

Team TARDIS In Period Wear

I love to see them wearing period wear as they would fit them in the era they are visiting. Filming pictures have raised up hopes so that is more likely to happen.

Better writing

My main issue is that the writing for the Arachnids In The UK resolutions was so bad that Chibnall messed the Doctor up so I want to see better plot resolutions in S12 which is probably one the most talked about improvement.

More lead focus

This is also well talked about as the regulars didn’t get enough focus but fans know Chibnall did well with characters in Broadchurch so I expect better now and more time for the team to Sean the day than guest cast.