Leigh’s Rankings: Top 5 Moments in Series 11

This is is my Top 5 moments for the recent series of Doctor Who and I also have a honourable mention choice as well! I hope you love my choices!

Honourable Mention

The Fez and the message – Kerblam

I love this scene as the whole cast are great and TheDoctor is so excited which makes me excited too and a throwback to the last wi5 a Fez which was common,y used by Matt Smith and Graham actual says it’s alright which shows is different to when the Doctor has one as everyone else didn’t like it and River Song shoots it off him in the Big Bang. I have to mention the Doctor still struggling to fly the new TARDIS is added bonus of comedy and the teamwork when they all listen to each other shows there is good chemistry which is what the show needed and fixes a problem I had with teamwork in S10.

Another honourable mention several scenes from The Woman Who Fell To Earth and Tsungara Conundrum but it would take on long to explain so here is my Top 5!

5. Graham and Ryan in The Battle Of Ranskor Am Kolos

I love all of their scenes in the finale as it shows how much Ryan has grown to respect Graham since the premier and the fact he loves him and goes back to help him confront Tzim Sha and is but mad when Graham shoots Tzim Sha in the leg but luckily not killing that would cause the Doctor to be mad if Graham became like Tzim Sha and they pin the Stenza warrior down and lock him away for a long time. I don’t if the Doctor will find out about the Graham and the fun but isn even he left him alive, I don’t think she will be mad about it.

4. The Solitract 

The Doctor meeting the Solitract’s full form which is a frog with the. Ice of Grace O’Brien. The Doctor is emotional as she gives a good speech on why she has to return to the real world and in the end is successful and the Solitract returns the Doctor back. I love the whole frog and she is quite cute. 

3. The Doctor stands up to Becka Savage after nearly drowning and the truth about the Morax is revealed

The scene before that makes me rage but soon as she shouts“Looking for me,” that is when I feel more happier and more interested which I call a massive comeback. The scene is such a blessing as we see the Doctor rage with anger herself as she says, “You knew they weren’t witches! The only thing you feared was yourself!” She finally unleashes her rage as she doesn’t like innocent people getting killed. That is what Doctor is about, making peace and fixing things.

2. Graham, Ryan’s and Yaz join the Doctor for good

I love the fact that Graham wants to escape the stuff of Grace, Ryan doesn’t want to be at the warehouse and Yaz wants to spend more time with Doctor as a friend. I love the fact that the Doctor warns them About the consequences is something bad happens to them and asked the, to be sure which they are. I love the fact she is happy to have friends and gives the nickname Team TARDIS and kindly welcomed them aboard for good and aka they want to pull the levers together, different to when Twelve and Clara both pull different leavers at the end of Mummy On The Orient Express. 

1. The Doctor reunites with the TARDIS

After naughty Ilin leave the  behind on Desolation, the Doctor apologies to her new friends and loses hope of ever getting of the planet but her friends refuse to give up and when Yaz hears a thrumming sound and the Doctor says this great lines and is able to restore her “Beautiful Ghost Monument!” The Doctor feels emotional and so do I which makes this scene so special and worth it and Chibnall’s best scenes. The stuff after that like entering the TARDIS and the Doctor promising to get her friend back home is amazing and is definitely the best moment in S11 and one of the best overall!

That is my Top 5 moments from Jodie Whittaker’s first ever series