Leigh’s Rankings (MAY 2020 Edition) – Top 5 Revival Cold Opens

Here are my top 5 COLD OPENS of the revival series of Doctor Who



5. Voyage of the Damned

The Doctor crashing & exploring the Titanic gives the episode something appealing before the credits seat and it makes it so good.

4. New Earth

Another 10 & Rose cold open and its such a legendary open and it was my first episode after all

3. Planet of the Ood

Comic gold. Danger of the Red Eye straight away and sets of the story.


2. Thin Ice

Bill being excited and an eager Doctor wants to explore. Love it!

1.The Impossible Planet

Ten & Rose exploring leading into damage before the credits.  Love it

What is your favourite Doctor Who cold open? Please comment down below or on my twitter @MattPeterJodie1.