Music With Leigh: Series 12 Soundtrack Review

I loved Segun Akinola last series. This series, he did it even better. Segun makes his music more modern and I think that’s a good sign.

My biggest praise is the darkness and emotional music as he has upped the ante just as much as Chris Chibnall and the writers have done.

My highlights of the Soundtrack

Theme tune with DRUMS

I love the revamped theme tune, its got more drums in and it make sort of different but its the same as last time.

Doctor, The Doctor

The bond motif, a modern but trying true to the spy theme, this how to do a bond tribute.

Together and Alone

I love a good medley and my favourite parts is when Gabriella and Jamila arrive and helps bring out their character’s background.

My penance

Medley of music bit the sad bit MAKES ME CRY when i listen to the music. I just feel for 13 so bad.

Thank you Segun!

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