Leigh’s Rankings: More Top Floor Routines In Women’s Artistic Gymnastics – June Non Who Feature

Here are 8 more memorable Floor routines that I love in Artistic Gymnastics

Giorgia Villa (ITA)

Giorgia has amazing floor routines. Her facial expressions are amazing.



Lorette Charpy (FRA)

Lorette’s new floor came out at the time when there were rumours of Doctor Who doing a James Bond themed episode which were later true. The French Bond Girl gives us a stylish perofrmance.

Ondine Achampong (GBR)

Ondine might have the lowest difficulty but has the artistic merit. This is the one where Olly Hogdben says she was wants to watch.

Rebeca Andrade (BRA)

I love Rebeca’s floor. Her Beyoncé routine is amazing and here she is at the Olympics.

Kayla Di Cello (USA)

Kayla has the charm and the routine. She was Junior World Finalist on Floor. Thi is Kayla at her Senior Debut earlier this year.

Alisson Lapp (FRA)

Love Alisson’s Swan Lake routine. Enjoyable and elegant and this is the routine that got her to the Junior Floor Final at the Euros 2016.

Flavia Saraiva (BRA)

Huge Flavia fan. Made numerous World finals on this piece and was so close last year to a medal. Here is Flavia at the Pan Am Games where she won bronze on Floor.

Lilly Lippeat (USA)

Another not difficult routine but is a joy to watch. Lily gives Batman vibes with a classic style floor routine.

That’s 8 more amazing floor routines. What is you favourite flooor routine. Comment on my twitter account @MattPeterJodie1!