Highlights of the Twelfth Doctor era

As we see Jodie Whittaker take over in less than two months, it’s time to take a look at Peter Capaldi’s era and what we will miss! The first one is about Peter’s highlights

Heaven Sent

Twelve gets tearful after seeing a vision of Clara

Heaven Sent is an episode that is all about Peter and displays his talents and speeches. I just love the design, the music, the script, it’s a great episode!

Clara Oswald

Peter and Jenna were like the friendship you could never believe. Despite the fractious behaviour in the first 7 eps of Series 8 that mad me mad, I started to believe they were friends again in Mummy on the Orient express which saved a Series 8 all together and Clara had no reason to be angry with him and at  the start they feel like a couple which I will discuss in later posts. Loved their chemistry in S9 and was heartbroken after Face the Raven. Loved them!

Peter and Jenna on set in March 2014


The challenge for Peter was in this scene alone when he got to do an ep with Alex Kingston. The scene alone is haunting and especially as the Doctor knows it’s time!  Peter sells it well and delivers it so well. I love the fact in the next episode and Extremis that he is devastated and is feel very sad which I love.

The Doctor at Darillium

Being Blind

I felt for him in this episode and for the next two eps. This was a brilliant twist and loved the fact that he never gave up and that’s why he is a champion! Well done Peter!

Blind Twelve

Fight to the death

This was the best moment of the Doctor Falls as he fought the cyberman to the death and when he is dead for around several minutes, I actually feel that  I want to cry? which is normal but Peter just gives his finest performance.

Quick mentions:

– Speech in the Zygon Inversion

– Not hugging people

– Tutoring Bill

– Is he a good man in Death in Heaven

Hope you enjoy what I think Peter’s highlights are!

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