First Doctor Recap Part 2

Recapping Part 1, I discussed how he changed from grumpy old man to lovable old man!

The Doctor, Ian and Barbara in the Rescue

In Planet of Giants, he starts to apologise a lot and is able to agree more with Ian. I love the fact that he has changed from what he has at the beginning of this big drama series. By the end of the next ep, he makes the hardest decision  to let his Grandaughter stay in future Earth after defeating  the Daleks. He gave a great speech which if you have watched the 20th anniversary special which is shown at the beginning which I think is tribute to the original and is replaced by another similar actor just like in Twice Upon A Time. Here is a little peak at this speech! “One day, I shall come back! Yes, I shall come back!

The departure of Susan makes him turn it a lazy person and has a sleep  so often. His companions Ian and Barbara noticed the change. Later in The Rescue, he meets Vicki and promises to help her stop Koquillion which is later revealed to be Vicki’s fellow survivor Bennett who is killed falling off a cliff after nearly killing the Doctor. After he reawakens in the TARDIS, he asks Vicki if she wants to join in and says yes.

Throughout Season 2, he comforts his friends when they are in danger and relieved when they are safe. He definitely has his protective side when he refuses to let Ian and Barbara go home in the Chase until he listens to Vicki’s pleas and is relieved when they make it home in one piece 2 years later despite the risk of being killed. He later accepts Steven Taylor an human trapped on Mechanus who debuted in The Chase in the next ep where we see the Doctor defeat the rogue time lord the Meddling Monk.

Sorry about the late post!

The final part will be posted soon with a bit of an insight to twice upon a time with a quick review of the tenth planet!

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