Leigh’s Top 5 Doctor Who Halloween Watch List

Happy halloween! Here are 5 scary episodes that I would recommend watching!

Mummy On The Orient Express – 12th Doctor

12 and Perkins (Frank Skinner)

This is scary because it’s got a terrifying Egyptian mummy that kills people who are weak in 66 seconds. Also, the countdown on screen scares us cause you will know so who the mummy is after! Amazing guest cast!

Heaven Sent – 12th Doctor

Twelve gets tearful after seeing a vision of Clara

This is scary because you feel for 12 when the Veil hunts him down and the music is terrifying! Peter is the best his has ever been in this episode! I will review this on its air date 2 years ago next month.

Oxygen – 12th Doctor

Blind Twelve

This is scary because of Zombies, adrenaline fuel scenes and the Doctor is blind.


The Edge Of Destruction – First Doctor

This is scary because it’s got that untrustworthiness  between all four lead characters. This is from Ian acting like a Zombie to Susan and the Scissors.


The Moonbase

This is scary because it’s got the 2nd appearance of the Mondanasian Cybermen and zombie controlled humans. The music is so scary!