Did the Division Go Too Far With The Doctor (DEBATE)

Today, I wil debate if the Division went too far by using the Doctor? Keep reading as I give my thoughts for and against.



Basically, Tecteun put the child down to work for the division but should the Doctor have been given the chance to choose? Yes! I mean what is they problem? Get a grip Alright?

Another point defending this is the fact the Doctor had enough at one point and ran away and they wanted her back. This just continues to make them look so bad and give the,  more criminal evidence that what they are doing is wrong.

The worst thing is the Doctor lost his memory because of their antics in the first plac of put her in there but because of what they did ends in the death of the time lords in hands of the Masters.



There was success for the Doctor by stopping things and saving the others.

The memory wipe could be seen as a blessing so she could forget what she had done.



The division did that the The Doctor badly for a lot of crimes that were caused by them in the first place. plus, THEIR MEMORY WIPE CAUSE FUTURE DOCTOR TO BE IMPRISONED BECAUSE OF THEM! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU DIVISION? NOT GOOD. The downside for them was of cause they didn’t expect one of their own to discover it and as I explained above, he wasn’t very happy.

Also using the Doctor cause they are from a different planet altogether, oh dear. They should have done it THEMSELVES.


That’s it! What do you think about this? Do you believe the Division go to far by using the Doctor? Comment down below?

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