Did the Doctor respect Martha Jones? (DEBATE)

Hello, it’s Chas. Our group believes Martha Jones is underrated but was she paired with the right Doctor? Did RTD get it wrong? Could they have has a different dynamic? Well we are going to debate if Martha was respected by the Tenth Doctor. As the boss has done before, we will choose arguments for & against before coming to a conclusion!
Leigh take it away buddy!

Thank you Chas. Hi, let’s begin with the points supporting that he did respect her.


He recently lost Rose and knew he shouldn’t fall in love with a human and that’s why he refused her as much and that’s defence I have heard Of a lot.

In hiding, the way Martha was treated was justified as it was what happened in that time.

At the end of her adventures,there Doctor credited Martha for her saving the world even though he gave her instructions whilst he was treated horrifically himself and he didn’t deserve that.



She along with her husband Mickey Smith were only companion to be treated this way. Bill Potts, Yasmin Khan and Ryan Sinclair don’t receive this treatment except when they in the past but he didn’t assure her well.
The overuse of Rose mentions made Martha jealous and also contributed to this unrequited love problem.


Despite the reasons defending it, I do believe Martha wasn’t respected enough by the Doctor  as she is the only person who suffers this problem of being shut down and not assured as the others in the same position  don’t have the problem which makes me realise this does look like a problem that makes it sound racist when it isn’t because if it was another companion, the feeling would remain the same. My other issue is her was too hard on her and could have been nicer when she joined because when Bill joins, there is more of a reason cause of the memory wipe, here, he doesn’t want anyone Rose issue and yet it comes across to me as “your going too far 10. APOLOGISE TO HER NOW!”

What do you think? Do you think he was hard on her? Comment down below.