MY TOP 12 JUNIOR EUROVISION 2020 songs (November’s Non Who Feature)

Here is my Top 12 for Junior Eurovision.


1. Germany

2. Kazakhstan

3. The Netherlands

4. Serbia

5. Belarus

6. Poland

7. Georgia

8. Malta

9. Russia

10. Spain

11. Ukraine

12. France


Here is my Top 12…

1. Spain

Solea – Palante

I love this song. I feel this will be a contender to win the competition.

2. Poland
Ala Tracz – Standing With You

Poland since their return has sent consistent and quality entries and this song is definitely one of my favourite for ballad of the year.

3. Kazakhstan

Karakat Bashanova – Forever

This song touches me and it has some of the best instrumentals in the competitions. The line, “Zhanymdasyng bilem, sezem, süī̆em, äkem which translates as “I know, I feel and I love you, my father“ is the line that creates a moment which matches with Karaakat’s emotions in the song.

4. Belarus

Arina Pehtereva – Aliens
The last years haven been great for powerhouses Belarus but this year, this song is one of the most uniques styles in the competitions with emotional stuff & this has artistic merit.


5. Unity – Best Friends
Sinc ethics this song was first release, I was a fan of it. This group has had some hurdles along the way but their perseverance has led to represent the Netherlands with a unique song about friendships and another fun, uptempo song.

6. Malta

Chanel – Chasing Sunsets

I love this song. One do the best revamps in this year’s contest.

7. Georgia

Sandra Gadelia – You Are Not Alone

Reminds me of Mzeo and Sandra’s vocals are amazing.

 8. France

Valentina  – J’imagine

Catchy song with a catchy chorus. It’s a great song.

9. Germany

Susan – Stronger With You

I loved it at first but I feel it’s against some stronger songs in this competition.

10. Ukraine

Oleksandr – Vidkryvai
Love the revamp and its a great vocal performance.


Sofiya Feskova – My New Day

Sofiya has a classic voice and it reminds me of the songs of the 2000’s in the National selection.


Petar – Heartbeat

It’s a good song.