“The Master Race” – End Of Time Review

David Tennant went out with a bang in his final episode. This was also Russell T Davies’ last episode as we prepared for Steven Moffat and his stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.

I think the plot was intriguing. It was one of the better Master plots in the Simm era to me. I am not his biggest fan but this was miles better than what we got in S3 as we had had some racial translation issues which was recurring throught that series.

David’s Doctor had a mixed performance for me but it wasn’t as bad as what he was given in S3. I feel his trauma from Mars has a big impact and it really helps him shine. The last half of Part 2 is where I don’t care about 10 and that’s a disappointing because his succcessor takes away his gravitas and that hurts me as well but it happens.

David and John’s chemistry was good but it wasn’t my thing.

Bernard Cribbins is the heart of the episode and probably my favourite RTD character. I feel i care for him more and I love it when we see characters represent their age group and Bernard here shows why a Older companion is a good idea. If it wasn’t for Wilf, we wouldn’t get Bradley Walsh or John Bishop who will join in s13.

I do ove the dea of The Silver Cloak and being intruded to Wilf’s friends especially June Whitfeld’s Minnie Hooper as I find he and Will ave wonderful chemistry.

If we go back to this line in wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith that the Trickster said “The gate is waiting for you.” This lines up with the Immortality Gate which the Master used to create his Master Race which actually is one of the best ideas the show has used.


What were they up to now.

Well they nearly destroyed EARTH until things got DARKER!

I felt this was a lot climatic as the viewers didn’t know where it would go. It did feel a little but anti climatic when the Doctor shoots the White Point Star but its redeemed when the Master surprisingly protects the Doctor.

Let’s talk about the regeneration scene

I think his selfishness puts me off and that’s my main complaint. YOU DON’T MAKE ME DISLIKE HIM!

I do feel divided on the farewell tour as it should have just been Rose, Martha and Donna. BUT, the Sarah scene does come cross emotional as this will be the last scene Elisabeth Sladen filmed with David and I think that creates something sad. I get the Verity scene but I think part of me has an issue the of the racial translation in the episode. I do kind of like the Jack scene because there is nothing inappropriate and FINALLY, positive LGBTQ representation which is a good thing for the show.

I feel the regeneration starts well as we do feel for him when he is collapsing in pain when he has lost control but when he says the last line, I should feel his emotion I get a selfish vibe and that’s not right.

Matt Smith finishes the episode strongly with a comical entrance and with his catchphrase “GERONIMO!”

I think it’ a good story but with niggling issues, it just kind of underwhelms the episode.

Score: 7/10