“Mr Fibuli?” – The Pirate Planet Review

The Pirate Planet is set on Zanak which has a dark history. Mining other planets for their own gain of minerals as when they attempt to stop the Mentiads.

I love this story as its wacky and entertaining. This what Doctor Who represents when you mix the wacky and wonderful. The story is very interesting as it all leads to the attempt to mine Earth which spurs the Doctor into action but at the time, Zanak can only make ONE MORE jump.

I love the chemistry of Tom Baker and Mary Tamm as the Doctor and Romana with their competitiveness as the Doctor wants to teach Romana how to do things his way. It’s just hilarious at the beginning but later on, they seat to see eye to eye, especially in the last episode as we see them world together to save Earth successfully with help of the Mentiads who I will talk about later.

Love the side characters like Mula and Kimus who were very developed. Mula cares for her Brother what Kimus isn’t the biggest fan of the Captain much to Mula’s Grandfather’s annoyance. Kimus is excited whilst Mula is intrigued to find her brother.

The villains are definitely well developed, especially the surprise in the final episode where the Nurse is revealed to be Queen Xanxia who is still alive as a younger version than what you see in stasis thingy and in carnal of The Captain. The Captain and Mr Fibuli are like a comedy double act especially when The Captain constantly threatens Mr Fibuli it’s death was his carelessness but when Fibuli dies, we see thr Captain sad and attempt to turn on his creator but that backfires.

I love the design of the costumes as they definitely reflect each character. The planet looks beautiful on screen and all the sets stand out.

The Mentiads are probably of my favourite groups in the classic series I love that they are pysic are kind of act like Outcastsh as maes them them stand out in a way. I love the whole story and I can understand how the planets affect their powers.

I personally think this is huge step forward from the first sotry and it’s only going to better in next the one.

Score: 10/10