Partners In Crime Review – Not Agatha Christie Related

David Tennant lost the flow in S2 and S3 as he was written to have heartbreaking romances which I say “GET OVER IT”! However, S4 is about to change the Tenth Doctor for good. This is when we see the Ten we know and love for the rest of. His tenure without Romance which I say, “Go on forward Ten! That’s the lad!”

Catherine Tate aka Donna Noble is back and this time for good and I think saying No changed her for good as she became a better person.

Partners In Crime is about two friends reuniting and join forces to fight a threat which they have the solution to from when they receive  a gift during their investigation and then start to travel together.

I love this episode so much as it continues the trend of premieres being stronger than finales for me as you will see in the category called Leigh’s Rankings and here is the link so you can check out what I think about the finales.

Leigh’s Rankings: Top 10 Revival Series Finales

David and Catherine have great chemistry in this episode and probably my favourite of the 2000’s as it don’t have much to take away from the series like the others of the decade. However it overshadowed by a few of my favourites in the next decade.

Adipose are cute am not gonna lie about and are the cutest aliens ever possibly the opposite of the Foretold in Mummy On The Orient Express. Love the design of them and when they one out of the bodies of people taking the pills, it’s freaky until they come and you see their faces and you are instantly mesmerised by them.

Bernard Cribbins came in at the last minute returning as his character from Voyage of the Damned named Wilfred Mott to replaced Stan Noble as Howard Atfield who played him in The Runaway Bride who did a great job sadly job during filming. Happy he got a tribute by the BBC in Voyage of  the Damned as it shows they are not that bad. We miss you Howard! Wilfred went on to become a popular character and be the Tenth Doctor’s last episodes. Love you Wilf!

I didn’t expect Billie Piper in  the opener but the scene is magical with the Doomsday music in the background and I was like, it can’t be Rose but it was and it worked, I do think I do get divided in Rose’s appearance in the finale but this does start things well.

I love the plot twist when they both the Doctor and Donna have the answers to stop the Inducer that forced the Adipose to come out of bodies of people who have taking the Adipose Industries. Still a great opener and it begins a series where things get improved from earlier series.