Jodie gets PROPER emotional – The Vanquishers Review

The finale is another controversial episode that will divide the fandom.

Jodie Whittaker just gave her best performance in this episode. From the Doctor flirting with her to slowly revealing to her best friend about why she has been so secretive. I feel more of connection to Jodie as the Doctor and this episode shows why.

Jodie and Mandip Gill’s chemistry is FINALLY HERE! And I am so happy & emotional.

We didn’t see much of John Bishop but he still did good with what he was given.

I feel the Ravagers were more dangerous this time & the fact they were punished for failing Time makes it more the icing on the cake. I do feel they could have done better overall with them having a setback at first.

Side characters were used well from the demise of Jericho to Kate & Vinder taking care of Grand Serpent in a non harmful way.

I am glad they had Diane in a a good role because what I love is she proved the Ravagers wrong and if it wasn’t for her, Earth would have been destroyed and they would have lost the real Doctor.

Craige Els as Karvanista is a legend. We see a softer side to him and learn a few truths and more classic bickering with Dan.

The Sontarans were at their worse in this episode which matches what Chibnall was going to do. I never saw them lying to the dark enemies and lure them so the Flux could take out.

The last scene is very special for me as the Doctor begins to explain, she gets upset and emotional and knows she needs to save her friendship with Yaz as her flaw was what she has just been through and from what she has just been told by Time and what the Master, Ravagers and Tecteun have come, been the person she should be as she says in The Women Who Fell To Earth.

Overall, the best finale we have had since Hell Bent and exceeded my expectations.

Score: 10/10

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