CLIFFHANGER HELL – Village Of The Angels Review

Chris Chibnall and Maxine Alderton would be handling Steven Moffat’s creation together. Maxine had the horror knowledge whilst Chris had done a great job writing the Angels in The Halloween Apocalypse. This partnership worked so well and didn’t disappoint at all. This was one of the best Weeping Angel stories ever.

Is there anything Jodie Whittaker can’t do? Her clean sweep elevates every week because of how good she is. She really delivered in this dark moments, especially when she was forcibly turned into Weeping Angel.

Mandip Gill and John Bishop are finally getting close to that development. I loved the carelessness that got them sent back in time as it shows companions aren’t perfect.

I loved them protecting the young girl and trying to stop her grandparents from approaching them.

The Weeping Angels definitely had some similarities to their return in Series 5 which is a very good episode. We have an Angel in a human with a different purpose, a talking Angel that sounds like Swarm and the Angel grabbing the two grandparents.

I love Annabel Scholey and Kevin McNally and excited to see more of them. Annabel really was eerie as the Angel whilst playing the mysterious Clare. Kevin is a legend and I felt he was a very tough character.

Thaddea Graham is improving as Bel. Continuing her importance. I love the way she might be Gallifreyan and her knowledge on the ravagers by saving Blake Harrison which also confirms Passenger as a prisoner vessel. Plus that scene with Jacob Anderson was beautiful.


As readers will know, I often criticise the use of a lead female as a damsel as a cliffhanger BUT

I think this was the best use since the confession dial incident in Face The Raven (Aired the same day).

I didn’t see it coming which is something (MOFFAT & BBC NO NO!) good. Last year, everything kind should have been more secretive but hey ho that’s how the fandom goes.

Definitely a step up even if it’s not on par as other weeks but that’s does take away it’s a great episode

Score: 10/10

Here is my Top 5 Favourite Moments from the episode.