What do I Think about The Timeless Child

I will discuss my opinion on The Timeless Child and why I THINK IT’S GOOD. This is the most controversial topic on the show and it’s had a mixed reception.

What Do I Think?

I love the storyline because is more risky and it helps the Doctor as a character. Seeing the Doctor lose their memory is a CRIME. GET RID OF YOUR MEMORY WIPES DIVISION! SHOW SOME RESPECT

This also shows why they are against the timelords as we have seen on multiple occasions even not wanting to ask them for help unless he had no choice like in The War games and The Three Doctors..

Why Is It Good?

It helps define why the Doctor is different to the Time Lords

The books kind of help the Doctor more when he was forced to things whilst waiting on trial in Save Yourself by the late Terrance Dicks and then he loses his memory plus, they know they don’t belong on on Gallifrey after stealing a TARDIS. Then whilst with Ian and Barbara, he finds his calling saving the universe and his attitudes towards humans change when after spending time with Ian and Barbara as he asks Vicki Pallister to join him after the incident with Koquillion (Kocky licking to Ian by the way) moving on from letting go Susan, his Granddaughter.

It also adds to my cinstant complaining about the Time Lord High Council & Division because they are good villains in the show, not just as a group but individually like the Master in all of his incarnations and Rani and Rassilon and more.


This goes BACK when he attempted to erase Bill’s memories, she says

”How would you like it if someone did this to you?”

This might reflected the Hell Bent memory but he did this by choice but with this new development, it kind of helps reflect this scene even though he doesn’t remember it as he had no recollection of events and unfortunately the SILLIES in the division who deserve to be punished did this. “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?” Prefer the Men In Black to be honest over the Division!

Later incarnations struggling to regenerate

Becasue he has infinitive lives, this validates 10 and 12’s pre regenerative thoughts. This backs 10’s even though I don’t like his ATTITUDE. GET A GRIP 10! GET A GRIP! 12’s story is more interesting and I feel for him more but the point is regardless of attitude is we know why.

The Master

The Master and his Cybermasters

I think the Master losing the ploy is a very good 8dea pf Chibnall’s. I feel destroying Gallifrey again is a bit of a gamble but it irks. I am still unsure with the whole Cyber Lord plot with Master stealing the Cybermen and converting al the deceased Time Lords into Cybermen with infinite lives. I feel they can prove me wrong but I am unsure but we will see.


I love the fact that were introduced to a new incarnation and she is sassy and I am for here put downs. She obviously loses he memory and something she does puts her in trouble with the Judoon but she evades them at the cost of her future self taking the blame as she is placed in prison. (SHE DOESN’T DESRVE IT! NO NO NO NO!) I am interested to see what else Jo Martin can do cause this the thing I am looking forward to the most. Keep it up!

What do you think about the Timeless Child? Do you think they can do better in S13? Comment down below and share your thoughts!