10 things I love about the Eleventh Doctor

Welcome back to 10 things. I choose 10 good things about a character’s era and explain why. It’s time for Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor.

1. Bow ties are cool.

I love this recurring gag. I am glad they kept it though the era and made it a symbol of change.

2. Relationship with River Song

This was something I enjoyed. Matt and Alex have great chemistry.

3. The Ponds

His friendship with the ponds is special and I just love it.

4. The Headwear Situation

It’s the most hilarious gag ever. His friends hate but he loves it.

This tarted with Moffat’s idea to bring the fez, He told Beth Willis ad Piers Wenger he was planning to get rid of the fez as soon as Matt got it. Steven once again killed a piece of headwear in The Impossible Astronaut, River shoots the Stetson. After that, Steven never killed anothe rpcie of the Doctor’s headwear again.

Why didn’t anyone insult the Top Hat though?

5. Sonic Cane

I love the fact he had  another sonic device when he didn\’t ahve the sonic and he used it to check on Amy and Rory when they were in Silly Tesselecta

6. The bald situation

I like the fact they used the situation of Mat having head shave to make a funny gag. The key in the Quiff. It’s not but I would be with Clara Oswald on this one.

7. Clara Oswald

I love shopping friendship with Clara as he was determined to find her and protected her as much as he could.

8. The Paternoster Gang

I love he helped create this trio of talented creatures and they stepped up when he is not there or out of action.

9. Saving Gallifrey

He helped engineer to save his home planet after feeling guilty.

10. His motivation to protecting  others

I loved the fact he was worried about his friends safety and ended up staying on Trenzaore to protect its citizens.

That’s 10 things I love about Eleven. What things do you love about 11? Comment down below!