Series 12 Trailer 2 Breakdown

The I am a surprised but happy fan as we got our second trailer a lot earlier than planned. Time for a new breakdown of the second trailer.

Thirteen in a tux gets better, despite its not to scenes. We see her straighten her bow tie. Similar to what Matt Smith’s Doctor did (Like the FEZ) and running towards a plane with her sonic screwdriver. Still Bond like?

The Doctor straightens her bow tie!

Thirteen is also seen “crying” towards a bright orange landscape which is either Darillium (At night) which we saw in The Husbands of River Song or them more obvious choice which is her home planet Gallifrey, last seen in Hell Bent. The other thing it couldn’t be something different as we know Chibnall isn’t a person to bring back places the Doctor has visited. It could still be a planet, but it could be a new planet or old planet that we haven’t seen yet. She could be upset by a derelict planet or someone she has seen.

There seems to thing about planes as we saw a lot in this trailer with gang on a crashing one and then running towards the other. An obsession?

There is a scene in trailer that gives a little bit of a better view of Anjili Mohindra’s Queen Skithra and she obviously speaks in a scary accent and its unusual alien she will be playing.

Also, the Fam seem to wearing breathing strips which is possibly for a underwater adventure.