Space Titanic – Voyage of the Damned Review

Voyage of the Damned was the 3rd Christmas Special of the revival series of Doctor Who. It was based on the Titanic which sank in 1912 which survivors did criticise sadly but I can understand that.

I will admit, Ten for me i felt was ok with one off companions but I will say this time, they got it right as they cast popstar Kylie Minogue as Astrid Peth, a waitress from Sto who wanted to travel the stars. David Tennant and Kylie’s chemistry was amazing and it was sad when they killed Astrid off but brought her back as dust to travel the stars which was fair and it felt like what Steven Moffat would do  as it happens with every single companion of his.

I liked the story, it’s probably a great adaptation of a disaster but in a different setting and different way than the original event. I love the whole climax, the whole disaster, it’s vey impressive.

I like the side characters and it’s disappointing when a few die but I don’t get why they killed of Morvin then kill ofF Foon. I can understand why she did it but she does save the others which makes her death heroic. Other heroic deaths include Bannakflata and Astrid Peth but this is definitely Russell’s best emotional writings which is a good sign.

Russell Tovey and Clive Swift are amazing as Midshipman Frame and Mr Copper as friendly and likeable characters who want to help and deliver.

This episode has a character that I don’t like but he is entertaining. This is Gray O’Brien’s Rickston Slade. The character is selfish, he insults Morvin and Foon and not compassionate about others but he survives. But he does his job and it’s a good to see Russell creating a character that is rude but can entertain the audience.

”My name is Max!” I want to chat about the Villain himself, Max Capricorn. Definitely one of the best villains of the Christmas specials. Entertains and very horrible but definitely a great performance from George Costigan. I loved the Heavenly Hosts as well. I love pastiches and this is a good one. Doctor Who can deliver a good one.

Bernard Cribbins is adorable and later becomes probably of the most iconic characters. Great scene and I love the character.

I like this story and it’s one you can have a lot of emotions and feelings about.