Leigh Talks: Series 3

S3 was aired in 2007 and introduced a new companion for the first time since Rose debuted in 2005. Freema Agyeman was chosen and became the first black companion in the series which would continue in the late 2010’s with Pearl Mackie, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole being cast.

David Tennant’s Doctor made some improvement  but unfortunately I didn’t not stand his behaviour with Martha was out of order, especially in Human Nature which annoys me to this day and pining over Rose which was not good either. He should move on and be nicer but David gave a good performance.

Freema did a great performance. My issue is that she loved the Doctor a bit too much and I think that is what doesn’t help her development. I feel she deserved better but her performance peak definitely developed too late and I don’t think it helped her as she deserves better.

The Joneses were ok. I loved the argument in Smith and Jones but I understand why they end up in trouble in the finale but I was like hhm, wasn’t a fan of it. I loved Tish but Francin made me feel like, WHAT ARE YOU DOING.

Derek Jacobi and John Simm (YES John Simm) played the Master with Derek being a good guy at first before he turned mad and becoming the Master. Derek’s version is shot and regenerates in John. I liked the storyline and the link to the Master’s next appearance. Great performance from both men.

I loved the story arc and tab the time, I didn’t know about the Master so thta makes it more special for me.

The individual episode were much better this time. I loved the twists. The only episode I really disliked was Human Nature and Family Of Blood as the romance and 10 annoyed me and it’s not fair for me to complain about David and I think that’s unfair. My favourite  is Blink and I also love Gridlock as it rounds of the Face of Boe’s story arc and brings in a new one.

3 things I would improve

1. 10’s behaviour

2. Redo Human Nature and Family Of Blood

3. No romance