5 Memorable Moments In Ben and Leslie (December Non Who Feature)

The last non who feature is about one of my favourite non who episodes. Leslie and Ben from Parks and Rec. I will share 5 things I love about the episode.

1. Teamwork

I love the whole team I’ve from the parks department especially from the Dwyers who included champion which i really appreciate when he walked down the aisle before Leslie and Ron and Tom Haverford going Stevecrest with his speech and Gerry officiating the marriage

2. Ben and Leslie

Amy Poehler and Adam Scott’s chemistry has grown & this episode simplifies why Ben and Leslie as a couple work.

3. Ron Swanson

I am a huge fan of Ron and this epsiode does him justice with woodwork, dealing with Jeremy Jamm and walking his friend down he aisle.

4. Leslie’s Perseverance

Leslie willing to put her marriage on hold for Ron to walk the aisle is a big move and shows that she doesn’t to want walk the aisle alone ad is reared as soon as Ron is bailed out. Her speech…

“My father left me when I was 10, I don’t have any brothers and Ken Burns  nave wrote me back. I am not getting married with you there to walk me down the aisle.” Beautiful line.

5. Wedding
It’s one of my favourite onscreen weddings  and the vows worked for each character and the flashbacks to the past & the wedding were perfectly shot.


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I hope you enjoyed the Non Who Feature series throughout 2020.